1st Asian Conference on Geography held at ECNU
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       The 10th China-Japan-Korean Joint Conference on Geography & the 1st Asian Conference on Geography was held at East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai on October 9. The Conference was jointly held by the Geographical Society of China, East China Normal University, the Association of Japanese Geographers, and the Geographical Society of Korea.

       With the theme of “Asia in the Process of Urbanization: Diversity and Globalization,” the three-day conference attracted nearly 300 geographers from all over Asia, who discussed Asian countries’ discrepancy in resources, environment, population and development, as well as Asia’s cultural diversity.



Chen Qun



Fu Bojie

       It was the first time for the China-Japan-Korean Joint Conference on Geography to be upgraded to the Asian Conference. Participants included geographers from 11 Asian countries and regions including China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, Mongolia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Laos and Azerbaijan. Geographers from the U.K., the United States, and Sweden also participated in this conference.

       In the opening ceremony, ECNU President Chen Qun introduced ECNU’s achievements in discipline construction, talent cultivation and society contribution in the field of geography. Fu Bojie, Board Chairman of the Geographical Society of China, introducing the background of the Asian Conference on Geography. With more people realizing the important role of geographical sciences in government decisions and social development, Chinese geographers face new opportunities and challenges, he said. 

       On the morning of Oct. 10, participants delivered reports on five topics: “Asian geography and the mission of geographers,” “city and State land on the background of population ageing and reduction: the case study of Japan”, “interpretation of One Belt and One Road strategy,” “the development and function of Chinese city clusters,” “global Asian Megacity: try to realize sustainable, tolerant and peaceful development through disaster reductions.” Speakers include Yu Woo-ik, special professor of Korea Military Academy and honorary professor of Seoul National University; Yoshio Arai, President of the Association of Japanese Geographers and professor of the University of Tokyo; Liu Weidong, geographical science research fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Ning Yuemin, Director of Urban Geography Commission and professor of ECNU; Ram Babu Singh, Director of Geography Department of University of Delhi, delivered the reports respectively. Yu Lizhong, a former president of ECNU and President of Shanghai New York University, chaired the conference.



Ram Babu Singh delivers a keynote speech at the conference.



Prof. Yu Lizhong chairs the conference.

       ECNU established the Department of Geography --- the precedent of the School of Geography --- in 1951. It was the first geographic department of the People’s Republic of China. Prof. Liu Min, Secretary General of the Geographical Society of China and head of ECNU’s School of Geography, said that Asian countries are greatly discrepant and diversified in terms of space and social economy. Therefore, urbanization is a big challenge to all Asian countries as well as an important subject for all geographers, he said.

       On the afternoon of October 10 and on the morning of October 11, conference organizers held 18 forums to discuss the following topics: low-carbon city and climate changes; Pearl River Delta city cluster and globalization; urban environment pollution and human health; urban disaster simulation, prevention and risk assessment; urban public safety, emergency management and city management; ecological city and urban sustainable development; geographical information science; big data and smart city; the transformation of mega cities; city culture and city economy; population and urbanization; the evolution of urban humanity-nature system; urban space and space-time performance; urban landscape analysis and landscape planning; historic towns protection and urban tourism; agricultural geography and suburban geography in the background of urbanization; geographical education. A total of 97 reports were delivered in English and 35 reports were delivered in Chinese. The conference collected over 200 articles and summaries, demonstrating the latest achievements in Asian geographical sciences. The conference also created two special sections: Female Geographers Forum and Youth Gala.



Participants of the Youth Gala pose for a group photo.

       The 10th China-Japan-Korean Joint Conference on Geography was first launched by geographers from China, Japan and Korea in 2006. China, Japan and Korea take turns to host the conference. With influence increasing among geographers in the three countries, the conference is also drawing attention from geographers of other nations.