Prof. Xu Shiyuan wins top geographic award
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Prof. Xu Shiyuan of the School of Geography of ECNU won the China Award for Geographic Science at the annual meeting of the Geographic Society of China held in Jinan on Sept. 25-28.

The award is China’s highest honor for a geologist, granted to Chinese scientists who have made great contributions in geographic researching and teaching.



1960, Xu (L1) makes a research on the Pingding Glacier of the Tianshan Mountains.



1963, Xu participates in the scientific expedition to the Qilian Mountains oragnized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


1988, ECNU hosts the International Symposium on the Coastal Environmen. Xu and other experts make an scientific expedition to Dongtan Bean of Chongming Island.

Born in October 1938, Prof. Xu began to study geography at ECNU in 1955. He has studied and worked at the university for 60 years. He is a lifetime professor and Ph.D supervisor at ECNU, lifetime member of Geographic Society of China, honorary council director of Shanghai Geographic Society, and a member of the expert team for 973 Program (also known as National Basic Research Program).

Prof. Xu has long been working on the fields of landform deposit, urban geography, environment evolution, and sustainable development. He made many breakthroughs in delta, storm deposit, and environment formation of river mouth and coast. He has presided or participated in 12 national key projects and other national science projects funded by special or general funds, 10 provincial or ministry-level projects, and six international projects. He has won eight national or provincial science awards, and published more than 100 articles and books.