The vision of Europe and the World from Large powers: The case of BRIC
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Reporter: Vladimir A. Kolosov (Chairman of the international geographical union)

Time: 5th, Nov. 9:30

Place: Zihuan Building 271

Introduction to the speaker

       Academician Vladimir Kolosov is President of IGU (2012-2016), head of the Center of Geopolitical Studies at the Institute of Geography under Russian Academy of Sciences and head of the Department of Geography of World Economy at the Faculty of Geography of Lomonosov Moscow State University. His research interests lie in the fields of political geography and geopolitics, social geography, world cities and large metropolitan areas. He is on the editorial boards of Political Geography, Geopolitics, BelGeo, Eurasian Geography and Economy, and other international and national academic journals.

lecture content

       The author briefly considers the evolution of the main theoretical approaches which prepared the emergence in the late 1980s-the early 1990s of a new interdisciplinary field-critical geopolitics. Some results of Russia’s geopolitical situation studies carried out in the last decade and using the concept of critical geopolitics are summarized. The author stops on the results of a large international research project supported by the 7th European Framework Programme and based on the concept of critical geopolitics. The project’s main objective was to analyze how the vision of Europe and the world is shaped in 18 different countries, including BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China). The conclusions were made on the basis, on the one hand, of an extensive analysis of flows connecting the countries and their “real” importance in the world economy and politics, and on another hand, on the survey of about 10,000 students and discourse analysis.